Terms and Conditions of Hire

Projector for hire in Cork, Kerry and Waterford,

The following will be considered as an agreement between Projectorhire.ie and the party who is hiring the equipment. Projectorhire.ie will be hereafter referred to as the Owner and the party hiring the equipment will be called the Hirer. The audio and visual equipment given on hire will be from this time onwards called the Equipment.

The agreement is as follows -

1. The Owner will let out Audio Visual Equipment and the Hirer agrees to hire the same.

2. The Owner and Hirer will agree on the price of the hire and the duration for which the Equipment is hired.

3. The Owner will provide the Equipment only on receipt of the full amount agreed for the hire as well as a security deposit which is fully refundable when the Equipment is dropped back and is in full working order. On collection of the equipment the Hirer also has to provide the following details regarding his identification -

  1. Full Name
  2. Address
  3. Photo copy of Hirer's driver's license or passport
  4. A recent utility bill which confirms the address on the license or passport.

In the event of the Hirer being a company, then the person who is authorized by the company to collect the Equipment will have to provide the above details. If you forget to bring any of the above we may not be able to hire you the equipment.

The Obligations of the Owner

4. It will be the responsibility of the Owner to supply the Equipment to the Hirer in a safe condition which is useable.

The Liability of the Hirer

5. The Hirer unconditionally agrees that He/She/Company will be held liable in the event of loss or any damage to the Equipment and will bear the cost of all replacement and incidental expenses relating to him/her’s/the Company.

The Obligations of the Hirer

6. During the duration of the hire and up to the time it is delivered back to the Owner, the Hirer is solely responsible for the Equipment. In the event of damage to the Equipment the Hirer shall immediately report the damage to the Owner. In the event of Equipment been stolen, the Hirer shall report it to the police and the Owner. In both cases the Hirer will have to compensate the Owner for the amount required to replace the Equipment.

7: It is the responsibility of the Hirer to -

  1. Keep the Equipment dry and in a safe place.
  2. Keep the Equipment locked when not in use.
  3. Not Store the Equipment in any Vehicle.

Subletting and Operation of the Equipment

8: The Hirer is expressly forbidden from -

  1. Subletting or giving on hire the Equipment to a third party or person, unless the Owner has given prior permission for it.
  2. Giving permission for the Equipment to be operated without his authority.

In the Event of Accidents and Mechanical Repairs

9. Any damage to the Equipment caused due to an accident or if the Equipment is in need of any repairs due to breakdown, the Hirer has to immediately inform about the incident to the Owner at the earliest by email or telephone.

10. The Hirer expressly agrees not to carry out any repairs on the Equipment without due authorization from the Owner. The Hirer has the right to take necessary steps on his own if the Equipment is at risk of further damage before shut down or going to cause damage to other property.

Immediate Repossession of the Equipment in case of Damage or Breech of Agreement

11. The Owner has the right to repossess the Equipment immediately and at any time if the Hirer breeches the terms of the contract or agreement, and also in the event of damage to the Equipment. Repossession will bring an end to the contract and the Hirer will be liable to pay for damages and the amount due till the period he has used the Equipment. The termination of the contract under these circumstances will be without prejudice to the other rights, obligations and liabilities of the Hirer and Owner.

Returning the Equipment

12.The Hirer will return the Equipment on or before the expiry of the date which was agreed upon for the duration of the hire. If the Hirer foresees a delay then he shall take permission from the Owner for the extended period and agree to pay whatever extra amount is decided for the duration. The Hirer agrees to return the Equipment in the same condition as it was given to him failing which he will be liable for the loss or damage of the Equipment and will compensate the Owner for the same. Also, the owner may decide to keep the security deposit if the equipment is dropped back late.

Delivery and Collection Charges:

We are a Cork based company so we can deliver to anywhere in Cork for just a small delivery and collection fee of €20. We can also deliver to any other county in Ireland and the delivery and collection charges, generally speaking, is worked out at a rate per mile. Typically between €0.50 and €1 per mile. If you have any questions, please call us for more information of fill out our Quick Contact form below

Normal Rates

  • * Cork City
  • * Cork County

Higher Rates

  • * Rest of Ireland